About Us

Who We Are

It started with making products to supplement our own diets, and our family’s. We then listed to our consumers and developed and enhanced our products. We always continue to listen.

Paxon Pharma is a company headquartered in Ontario Canada. We have gathered a team of enthusiasts, dietitians, manufacturing experts and physicians. We provide sublime dietary supplement products that are aimed to enhance the nutritional intake of our bodies daily. We understand that the average person may not find time to ensure adequate nutritional intake through regular food diets, that is why we are focusing on developing formulations that are designed for specific uses and demographics.

We are actively involved in the field of pharmaceutical supply chain management as well as shortage management. We vendor quality raw materials and provide our distributors with international development services. Please reach out to us to find out more.

What We Aim For

Food supplementation has been around for decades. The consumer’s needs, however, are evolving everyday. Paxon Pharma aims to provide the end-users with quality products that meets their day to day needs. 

Our mission is to ensure quality while offering an affordable product. Ingredient sources are handpicked to ensure higher quality. The diversity of our products allows us to reach out to a wide range of consumers. We take pride in our ability to formulate and deliver products according to our consumer’s requests. So if you have a formulation or a category in mind don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Products

Our products are licence with Health Canada and we make it our number one priority to ensure the efficacy and quality of each product very rigorously. Our products are made in Canada in GMP certified facilities with direct supervision of our team of scientific directors. Our suppliers are hand picked after conducting a thorough inspection of their sites and safety procedures. In addition to following all safety and efficacy standards by Health Canada, we have one simple standard to follow: we make products that are effective and that we can provide for our families, as simple as that.

Joint Health

Although, now it is only one part of our diverse portfolio of products, we started Paxon with Joint Health in mind because we knew a lot of people who were in search of effective and high quality products that could help with their Joint Health. We have developed a line of products dedicated to help with Joint Health. We have spoken with countless seniors, and unfortunately younger generation, among family and friends who are more than often suffering from different types and ranges of arthritis. This line of products is design and formulated to help consumers improve or maintain their joints.


Our Multivitamin line of products is subject of particular pride for us. We have observed and studies what is already available in the market and we have tried to make a product that is better. We have put more medical ingredients in our products than most and we have decided to only use Vegetable Capsules as a mean of delivery; it makes it easier to consume avoids the use of gelatin and bovine based products.

Hair and Nails

Our Hair and Nails line is dedicated for those who need to improve the health of their hair and nails cells. We have formulated the products of this section based on proven scientific records. The research has indicated that use of Biotin along with Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin D are considered to be beneficial for the health of our Hair and Nails. We have developed a specialty multivitamin and multi-mineral product for that purpose.